LG Rumor Reflex User Manual Guide by Sprint

Download online free LG Rumor Reflex User Manual Guide by Sprint. LG Rumor Reflex combines roomy QWERTY keyboard and easy-to-use touch-screen display. With its physical keyboard, the Rumor Reflex is light at 4.2 inches tall, 2.1 inches wide, 0.6 inch thick, and weighs 4.7 ounces. It fits compactly in hand.

LG Rumor Reflex boasts a 3-inch WQVGA capacitive touch screen. Its resolution is only 400×240 pixels and it can display only 262,000 colors. It’s crisp and vibrant enough. Above the display is an in-ear audio speaker and below are three buttons (back, home, and call) that light up when in use. Overall, the LG Rumor Reflex is well-designed.

Here we provide LG Rumor Reflex User Manual Guide by Sprint. This User Manual Guide is written in PDF document format. It contains complete reference information and instructions about how to operate the LG Rumor Reflex mobile phone properly, such as setting up the phone, managing contacts, making calls, connecting to internet, using the camera, installing the battery and microSD card, using the touchscreen, and more.

The LG Rumor Reflex is powered by a single-core 480MHz processor and has 512MB of internal storage. The phone offers only basic features, such as a clock, a calendar, Bluetooth 3.0, voice command and voice memo, a calculator, a notepad, and a document reader. The Rumor Reflex also has 2-megapixel camera with zoom.

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