LG Lucid Free Games

Download online LG Lucid Free Games. LG Lucid is an affordable 4G LTE Android smartphone offered by Verizon Wireless. The Lucid is powered by 1.2GHz processor. It is capable of playing demanding games like Grand Theft Auto III or Fruit Ninja without lagging.

The 1.2GHz processor delivers the power needed to switch between apps and use the phone without the lag associated with budget android phones. The LG Lucid has a limited amount of internal storage, but thankfully there is a microSD card slot to accommodate up to a 32GB card. So you can download and install more games on your LG Lucid.

Here we provide link to download LG Lucid Free Games from Google Play.

LG Lucid runs Android 2.3 with a custom user interface. The App drawer groups apps into collapsible categories that allow users to place apps in easy to access places. The system automatically groups the basic apps and allows users to customize the location of all apps. Users can add categories to the home screen as folders.

Verizon and LG include a number of pre-loaded apps and games. These are include email, Facebook and Twitter as well as Google Talk for IM. Now don’t hesitate to click the LG Lucid Free Games link below and download many kind of free games from Google Play.

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