Huawei Vision User Manual Guide

Download online free Huawei Vision User Manual Guide. Huawei Vision is a sturdy smartphone with decent screen. The phone has been given a unibody construction made from aluminium. With a weight of around 135g and a thickness of only 9.9mm at the thinnest point, it fitted nicely in our hands. As mid-range smartphone, the Huawei Vision also comes with powerful processor and attractive Android operating system.

Huawei Vision boasts a 3.7-inch screen with a resolution of 480×800 pixels. The screen is bright and clear displaying small text and icons well. It has a capacitive touch-screen that seemed accurate and responsive, allowing us to type accurately on the Android keyboard even when the phone was in portrait mode.

Here we provide free Huawei Vision User Manual Guide for you.

Huawei Vision runs on a single-core 1GHz processor. The phone has swoopy 3D carousel which is offers a nippy experience. The 3D-style carousel that allows all the home screens to be viewed at once in an interactive ring. It’s a nice touch and looks pretty fun, but whether it would actually be that useful in everyday use remains to be seen. Apps and web pages also loaded quickly.

Overall, the Huawei Vision is a fairly attractive and sturdy handset offering a nice slice of Android Gingerbread. It’s also a nice alternative to other Android handset in the market. Now, don’t hesitate to download the Huawei Vision User Manual Guide below.

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