Motorola Hint QA30 User Manual Guide

Download online free Motorola Hint QA30 User Manual Guide. Motorola Hint QA30 is a high quality phone. It comes with a high-resolution display and high performance works. Motorola Hint QA30 also has distinctive design. It measures 3.32 inches by 2.43 inches by 0.6 inch and weighs 4.13 ounces. The Hint has a comfortable, weighty feel in the hand. The slider mechanism is sturdy and the red and black color scheme is pretty.

On the front, Motorola Hint QA30 has an attractive display with 65,000 hues and 320×240-pixel resolution. The results are in bright colors and relatively sharp graphics. Unfortunately, the keyboard is rather small. On the left spine there’s a volume rocker. While on the right spine you’ll find just a voice dialing button. The camera lens sits on the rear face and the microUSB charger port rests on the phone’s bottom end.

Need more complete information and reference about the phone? Here you can get free Motorola Hint QA30 User Manual Guide.

Motorola Hint QA30 has 700-contact phone book with room in each entry for five phone numbers, two e-mail addresses, a birthday, URL, a street address, and notes. This phone is easy use as Motorola V170. You can save callers to groups and pair them with a photo and ringtones. A MyBackup service lets you secure your contacts with Cricket. But, the Hint comes with just eight polyphonic tones.

Motorola Hint QA30 is one handset that you should you consider for buying. Cricket’s Hint is $229 with a $20 rebate with no required contracts. Now, don’t hesitate to download the Motorola Hint QA30 User Manual Guide below.

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