Nokia 2160 Owners Manual Guide

Download online free Nokia 2160 Owners Manual Guide. Nokia 2160 is an easy-to-use cell phone. It comes with basic features but good performance. Nokia 2160 also offers less noise, big screen, and long-life battery.This candybar cell phone is a nice phone. Nokia 2160 is definitely not the best phone on the market. But considering its price and features, it’s not a bad buy.

“I like my Nokia 2160, however have had a few problems with it. One that could be remedied by the manufacturer would be to place the power button in a better location,” said Karen Ann, my friend about the Nokia 2160.

Here you can get Nokia 2160 Owners Manual Guide. This User Manual Guide is written in PDF document format. It contains complete reference information and instructions about how to operate the Nokia 2160 mobile phone properly, such as setting up the phone, managing contacts, making calls, connecting to internet, installing the battery, and more.

“Nokia 2160 is the second cellular phone I have owned. I have owned it for about 18 months, I have had no problems with it. I still have the original battery, but have had to replace my car charger. It is lightweight enough,” said my uncle about the 2160. Yes, Nokia 2160 is a nice basic phone to have. Now, please download the Nokia 2160 Owners Manual Guide below. It’s free.

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