Motorola Rival A455 User Manual Guide

Download online free Motorola Rival A455 User Manual Guide. Motorola Rival A455 is an innovative phone. This touch-screen texting phone has a few new technologies of its own. Motorola Rival A455 is carried by Verizon Wireless.

Motorola Rival A455 measures 3.8 by 2.0 by 0.71 inches and weighs 4.4 ounces. On the front of this sliding phone, there’s a 176-by-220-pixel, 2.2-inch screen, a cursor pad, and four action buttons. Sliding the screen to the right reveals the Rival’s keyboard. The keyboard is usable throughout the phone’s interface.

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Motorola Rival A455 uses Verizon’s standard messaging software. That means threaded SMS and MMS, two simple e-mail programs that handle personal and corporate Microsoft Exchange e-mail in text-only forms, and a basic IM program that supports AOL, Microsoft, and Yahoo! Yes, it’s a great messaging phone.

Motorola Rival A455 has 2-megapixel camera and 179MB of built-in memory. The phone also features built-in GPS that works with Verizon’s VZ Navigator driving directions software. The Rival connects to the Internet with EV-DO Rev 0, but the connection is rather slow.

Now, get the Motorola Rival A455 User Manual Guide below. This User Manual Guide is written in PDF document format. It contains complete reference information and instructions about how to operate the Motorola Rival A455 mobile phone properly, such as setting up the phone, managing contacts, making calls, connecting to internet, using the camera, installing the battery and microSD card, using the touchscreen, and more.

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