Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus User Manual Guide

Download online free Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus User Manual Guide. Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus is a redesigned version of Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus tablet. It is redesigned as a response to Apple’s injunction. Apple successfully argued that the all-black, all-flat front design was too close to design rights for the iPad and needed to change.

Previously, Samsung had unveiled the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in Germany, but it was forced to pull it from the IFA floor and couldn’t sell it after Apple objected to the similarity before it had even reached the market. Now, the Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus has updated design that features a more prominent edge that wraps around the tablet and is visible from the front. Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus also features SMS and voice capabilities like smartphone now. T runs on GSM/HSDPA network.

Here we provide Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus User Manual Guide for your complete reference about the tablet.

The new 7.0N Plus tablet is expected to go on sale this month and will be available in either white or silver. A 16GB Wi-Fi version is relatively expensive at 499 euros ($656) with tax, and it’s joined by a 569-euro ($748) 3G version with HSPA+ inside.

This User Manual Guide is written in PDF document format. It contains complete reference information and instructions about how to operate the Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus tablet properly. Get the Galaxy Tab 7.0N Plus User Manual Guide below.

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