New iPad Features LTE 4G Connectivity

iPad 3 or just called as New iPad is the latest and greatest iPad. This third-generation unit from has been launched at Friday in Australia. The launching of New iPad made long-line of buyers at Apple store in Sydney. The buyers also line-up outside Apple stores in other countries, such as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and New York.

The New iPad is the first iPad with LTE 4G mobile broadband connectivity. Unfortunately the device isn’t compatible with Australian 4G LTE networks, so will be relegated to 3G data speeds within the country. Australia isn’t the only geography on the iPad’s LTE no-fly list, as many European countries also won’t make the cut. This is because the new iPad is compatible with only the 700 MHz and 2100 MHz frequency bands, while most other countries use different bands.

To know more about this tablet’s connectivity and other features, just download New iPad 3 user guide. The new iPad’s Bluetooth capabilities have been upgraded to a more power-efficient 4.0 version. It also supplied an I/O controller and another microprocessor. Now, the New iPad processor gets a new dual-core A5X with a quad-core GPU. It’s clocked at 1 GHz while its RAM was upgraded from 512 MB.

While for display, the New iPad boasts a 9.7-inch screen shows images at a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This Retina Display is absolutely sharper than the previous iPad. The New iPad provides amazing experience in using Apple tablet.

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