Send to Kindle Free Application for Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire comes with a list of apps such as Netflix, Pandora, and Hulu. If you want more apps, you can easily add that. I think one of the must-hva app on the Kindle Fire is Send to Kindle for PC. It is a free application that lets you easily send your personal documents to your Kindle. This application supports many kind of files, include Microsoft Word, JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.

The Send to Kindle for PC application also supported Kindle reading applications from your personal computer. Just choose to have your documents delivered via Wi-Fi fosnding personal documents to your Kindle devices free. Even using Send to Kindle for PC, you can store your personal documents in your Kindle Library and download them conveniently to your Kindle device and supported Kindle reading applications when connected wirelessly. It’s a really useful app, isn’t?

Send to Kindle for PC is compatible with many Windows series. It works with Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7 (64 or 32 bit). But, at this time, the only Kindle reading applications supported by Send to Kindle for PC are the Kindle app for Android (running app version 3.5 or greater) and the Kindle App for Apple.

To get the Send to Kindle for PC, you can download it at Just click the “Download Now” button. Then, you can install it by follow the on-screen installation instructions after the download completes. Enjoy.

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