Amazon Kindle Fire Troubleshooting Solutions

Amazon Kindle Fire is a solid tablet for reading e-book and online newspaper. But, some users said they sometimes found problems on their Kindle Fire. So, here we provide Amazon Kindle Fire troubleshooting solutions for you and other Kindle users.

On of the most common problems is user can’t find his password characters on the onscreen keyboard. To troubleshoot this, tap the symbol keyboard button to switch to the numbers and symbols keyboard. Then, tap the shift key to switch to the uppercase character keyboard. After that, tap the box next to Show password to display your password as you type.

Other common problem on Kindle Fire is frozen screen. Performing a hard reset on your Kindle Fire may resolve intermittent issues like a frozen screen, battery issues or trouble downloading content to your Kindle Fire.To perform a hard reset on your Kindle Fire, press and hold the power button for 20 seconds and then release. After the device has completely turned off, press the power button to restart your Kindle Fire. After that, you may need to charge the Kindle Fire to make it perform well again.

Besides password and screen issues, there are many problems you may find on your Kindle Fire actually, such as Wi-Fi connection issues, battery issues, apps issues, etc. To get more complete solutions of how to troubleshoot the Amazon Kindle Fire, just go to There you also can watch s video of Kindle Fire troubleshooting solutions.

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