Remove Item From Kindle Fire Carousel Home screen

Amazon Kindle Fire boasts 7-inch screen display. Navigating on the Kindle Fire screen is easy and enjoyable. But, for more enjoyable use, we may need to remove item from the Kindle Fire carousel home screen. Make sure your Kindle Fire has the latest software 6.3 version. You can get guide of how to update Kindle Fire Software 6.3 version here.

The Kindle Fire Home screen carousel displays your content in a carousel view. To advance the carousel, swipe your finger across the screen. The most recently accessed items appear first. Newly purchased items are marked with a “New” badge. “Bookmark” badges show what percentage of the book you have read. You can remove an item from your carousel by tapping and holding on the item, then selecting Remove from Carousel.

Below the carousel is your Favorite. You can tap and hold to drag an item from your carousel to your Favorites, or tap and hold an item to display the context menu and select Add to Favorites. And to remove an item from Favorites, just tap and hold the item to display the context menu and select Remove from Favorites. After do these removal item, you can press the Home icon at any time to return to the Home screen.

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